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Established in 2014, and with their headquarters in South Carolina, USA, RELiON is a global company with worldwide distribution networks and an international name in lithium ion excellence. With five offices in the US and international offices in London and China, employing a total of 500 staff, their Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are engineered to the highest quality standards. RELiON boasts the UN 38.3 accreditation for safety of batteries during shipping, on which they are tested under eight separate categories. This testing certification applies to the complete battery and not only the cells.

The RELiON range covers 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt batteries into both the Industrial and Lifestyle sectors, with markets ranging from electric vehicles, renewable energy, marine, telecoms to motorhomes and caravans. Manufactured with LifePO4, the safest lithium chemistry, every RELiON battery includes built-in a Battery Management system for voltage, discharge, temperature and short-circuit protection, and cell balancing. They can be connected in parallel or in series*. RELiON lithium batteries cater for the discerning customers where long-term use, fast recharging and lightweight deep cycle batteries are a prerequisite, with superior cycle life and 30-60% of the weight of a lead acid equivalent.

*Please note that the Insight range can be connected in parallel.

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