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Marxon Electronics Co, LTD.

Marxon Electronics Co.,LTD, manufacturer of residential energy storage, portable power and battery accessories, is the thriving sibling of Leoch Battery stemmed from humble beginnings within Marshell Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd, Leoch’s other sister company. Renowned for manufacturing battery powered vehicles, recognised in 2002 the growing need for electronic solutions, thus the innovative project resulted in Marxon.

At the dawn of 2022, Marxon emerged as an independently owned entity, boasting autonomous financial operations and distinct managerial practices. Spanning operations across two state-of-the-art facilities in Zhaoqing, China, and Vietnam, now stands proudly as an integral part of both Leoch Battery and Marshell partnership, enabling seamless resource sharing unique compared to any industry competitors.

Marxon unifies critical departments throughout, including their own R&D (research and development), design, procurement, production and sales.

The heart of its success stems from its R&D department, housing a team of 40 dedicated innovators, collaborating with a workforce surpassing 600 individuals across Zhaoqing, China, and Vietnam facilities. This dynamic sector passionately invests time and resources into pioneering advancements, delving into product research, material enhancements, and cutting-edge manufacturing practices, among other revolutionary ventures. Adhering to global benchmarks for unwavering quality assurance, the company channels these efforts to produce an array of high spec, environmentally conscious products. From energy storage systems to portable energy solutions, power supplies, battery chargers, and inverters. These products serve as the backbone of the company’s extensive product line.

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