Leoch Battery UK

Recycling & Environmental Policy

Leoch Battery UK is 100% committed to its environmental responsibilities as a battery producer.  Companies throughout the supply chain have stringent Environment Agency procedures to follow, to ensure the minimisation of potentially harmful effects of waste batteries on the environment and we aim to do everything we can to aid our customers in this process.

Leoch Battery UK is registered as a Battery Producer with the National Packaging Waste database, under registration number BPRN08395. Leoch Battery UK is also registered with the Environment Agency, registration number CBDL400654.

We are pleased to provide a scrap collection service to our customers whereby lead acid batteries can either be collected by pallet load or in smaller parcel quantities.  Alternatively, we can offer one tonne scrap bins which we collect when full, leaving an empty bin in its place.  This service can either be provided to you free of charge or you can benefit from receiving a monetary amount in return based on volume.  You are provided with a Hazardous Waste Consignment note which is proof that your scrap batteries are being disposed of via a legally-compliant process.

The Lead Battery Recycling Process

Leoch is a member of the Battery Council International (BCI): click to view the process lead acid batteries undergo when being recycled.  Further proof of the commitment to battery recycling from Leoch!

Lithium Battery Recycling

RELiON lithium batteries provided by Leoch Battery UK Ltd feature LiFePO4 chemistry which has an environmental advantage over other lithium formulations: they contain no rare earth or toxic metals and employ commonly available materials including copper, iron and graphite.  Additionally, less energy is consumed in mining and processing of these materials.  It’s also important to remember that with the long lifetimes of lithium batteries, the need for replacement is reduced which has positive environmental results concerning manufacturing, transportation and of course, recycling.

Leoch has recently introduced its own range of lithium batteries which provide up to 5x the life of lead acid equivalents.  As with RELiON lithium batteries, the total cost of a lifetime of power is reduced by choosing lithium, plus there are environmental advantages to be gained from an eco-friendly perspective by choosing a battery with a lighter weight.

As with lead acid batteries, Leoch Battery UK Ltd is pleased to dispose of all lithium batteries that are returned to us by our customers.

We have included two relevant forms which you may need to complete as a recipient of Battery Recycling via Leoch Battery UK Ltd:

DOC Waste Transfer Note

Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

For further details on the above schemes please contact your Account Manager or email sales.uk@leochbattery.co.uk.