Whether you’re powering a ride-on mower, generator or electric fence, right up to the high burst of cold cranking amps needed to start a large tractor or combine harvester, Leoch Battery UK has the variety of technology you need within its Agricultural battery range covering capacity and coldstart performance. Long battery life requirements are also covered via our dual-purpose starter / deep cycle Xtreme range, providing a low amp electrical supply without the need for a separate charging system, for in-cab comfort on long days out in the fields.

24Ah Adventurer ‘L series’ batteries from Leoch are ideal for smaller-power agricultural requirements, being sealed and maintenance-free. Manufactured to original equipment specifications, a charge level indicator is included for convenience and the inclusion of 99.99% pure primary lead equates to fast charging, high performance and a cleaner environment. ‘P series’ batteries are for heavy-duty agricultural use from the SFL® (‘Sealed for Life’) range, with superb starting power capabilities, calcium-hybrid technology for reduced self-discharge and minimal fluid loss. Our top end, Xtreme Series Batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology for durability and vibration resistance, are sealed and unspillable and generate superior performance in extreme temperatures. They can be mounted in any orientation and also offer the major benefit of being used as a dual-purpose battery, that is, a starter battery and a deep-cycle battery, all in one unit. For regular to frequent, intense usage the Xtreme range really is the battery of choice.