Chargers, Inverters & Inverter Chargers

Leoch Battery UK produces a range of cost-effective ancillary products designed to keep your batteries, whether SLI or deep cycle, in the very best working order. Our chargers cater for all technologies of batteries and maintains them in an always ready state; our inverters, whether PSI or MSI, convert 12 volt DC current to 240 AC power, ensuring that installations or electrical appliances receive optimum power, and our PSIC inverter chargers provide the best of both in one unit.

As is the case with the manufacturer of our batteries, we are proud to have a direct relationship with the producer of our chargers, inverters and inverter-chargers. Marshell, the manufacturer of the mentioned ancillary products, is the sister company of Leoch ensuring quality standards are at the very top of our agenda.

If in doubt whether a specific charger, inverter or inverter-charger is suited to a specific battery, we recommend you seek advice from our Sales team.