Marine – Sea, River & Canal

Leisure batteries are a mainstay of the Leoch Battery UK business, with the range offered being the widest available in the UK. We are proud to supply into both the inland waterways and sea-going market, to OEMs, boat builders, distributors and chandlers. We possess a wealth of expertise in the sector and are ideally placed to bring new developments to the market alongside some of our more established battery technologies. Whether the need is high powered lithium for the prestigious yacht market, long-life dependable canal boat power or fast-charge, deep cycle batteries suitable for off-grid applications, the DBS Leoch team is on hand to impart expert advice.

Leoch Battery UK's entry model for Marine is the tried and trusted Adventurer SFL® starter and light duty battery, featuring flooded, cost-effective technology which is ideal for seasonal use, with or without dual terminals. Moving up through the range, with up to 600 cycles the industry-standard AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) enables a longer life, is sealed and maintenance-free and is the battery to choose if a medium-duty deep cycle power source is needed - see our Recommended Battery section below. Also within the AGM collection is the Xtreme dual-purpose battery with extra boost, ideal as both a high starting and cycling battery which is ideal for live-on-board usage. As with the traditional AGM variant, they can be mounted in any orientation and offer increased levels of reliability and versatility.

GTP (Gel Tubular Plate) Monobloc batteries, available in Group 31 case size, are ideal for deep cycling and resilient to greater depths of discharge than regular Gel counterparts due to the construction of their tubular plates and can cope with accidental misuse and extremes of temperatures. Recently introduced to the market is the Leoch Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel battery which boasts the ‘Tribrid’ technology attributes of Lead Carbon, AGM and Gel all in one battery. The massive advantages this battery possesses include great performance in partial state of charge (PSoC): charge acceptance, fast charge capability to 90% in 3 hours and reduction in sulphation which has the potential to cause premature failure. 1,000 cycles can be achieved at 60% DoD and the battery has received critical acclaim. Pure Lead Carbon though is the battery of choice for super-fast charging and reaches 90% in less than 1 hour, meaning it’s ideal for off-grid applications, also it can be used in temperatures of -30° to +60° C and like the SLCA, is resistant to partial state of charge (PSoC). Finally, should lithium be the desired option, we supply RELiON LiFe PO4 batteries as the premium choice which are 70% lighter than lead acid equivalents, have a capability of 5,000 cycles and are designed and manufactured in the USA with 1st rate cells.

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