Mobile Energy Systems

There is a wealth of applications which come under the heading of Mobile Energy Systems. These demanding areas include temporary signage and visual information provision, power to cameras and radar devices, as well as green alternatives to noisy diesel generators for emergency response situations, for example. Whether or not solar panels are included as part of the offering, all Mobile Energy Systems require total dependency and long cycle lives from their power sources, especially in potentially dangerous environs such as transport signage where continuous output is needed and battery maintenance can be hazardous.

Technology-wise there’s a wealth of batteries to select from: AGM technology for the Mobile Energy sector comes in the form of standard Absorbed Glass Mat batteries or upgrade to the best AGM battery available in the UK - the Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel with the added bonus of Gel included within the electrolyte. Enjoy the extra boost provided by the Xtreme range; go for the trailblazing Pure Lead Carbon with incredibly fast re-charge rates or choose the top of the tree LiFe PO4 RELiON lithiums for the very best cycle life and ultimate in efficient technology.