Racing Car

All the team at Leoch Battery UK pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best battery for every application. Unlike many other names in the market, we recognise that sometimes only a speciality battery will fulfil our customers’ rigorous demands. For the Racing Car market battery requirements include high peak performance capability and being both lightweight and reliable. Whether your choice is lead acid or lithium Leoch Battery UK delivers with high-energy power sources.

Supporting stop-start technology, the main Leoch Xtreme series feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology for durability and vibration-resistance, are sealed and unspillable and generate superior performance in extreme temperatures. They can be mounted in any direction and can also be used as an additional power source, being a starter battery with deep cycle capabilities. We are also pleased to offer a dedicated Xtreme range with high cranking power over 5 seconds – a huge power boost in a short time known as Pulse Hot Cranking Amps. These batteries work in conjunction with the area around the battery reaching a temperature of 27° C which provides a massive injection of power, essential for motor racing.

Should you wish to upgrade to the maximum power available in a small footprint, consider the RELiON lithium range, often packing such a punch that in certain applications one RELiON lithium battery will suffice when two are normally required. RELiON premium lithium ion phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries harness more power, are lightweight and boast a lifespan of 10x the lead acid equivalent. They are maintenance-free and supplied with a 5 year warranty, as well as UN 38.3 transportation accreditation and IEC 62133 safety standard for the lithium cells. We would always recommend the longevity of lithium as a long term investment which frequently works out as a cheaper option over the lifetime of a vehicle such as a Racing or highperformance car. As ever, if in doubt about the right battery for a certain application do not hesitate to seek expert advice from our Sales Team.

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