Vehicle Conversion

Leoch Battery UK is proud to supply power solutions to OEMS, fleet suppliers and specialist vehicle converting companies, who in turn have such varied customers as the emergency services, mobile tradesmen, surveillance vehicles and mobile caterers. The range of deep cycle batteries from Leoch and RELiON, along with a choice of inverters and inverter chargers, ensure ease of conversion from DC to AC power for onboard communications, IT, tooling and cooking facilities. We provide power on the move, in a remote location or even off-grid.

Choice abounds when it comes to deep cycle batteries capable of longevity – all being maintenance-free. Beginning with SFL® technology the range progresses through the proven AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Xtreme AGM. Featuring a combination of Lead Carbon / AGM / Gel technology the Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel series, launched in 2019, is a game changer with positive plates for exceptional life, and carbon negative plates to reduce sulphation which aids partial state of charge. For high density in a limited space, and with an ultra-quick recharge rate to 90% in 1 hour the Pure Lead Carbon is the best lead acid battery in its class with 2,500 cycles. The lithium option we recommend is the renowned RB100 RELiON lithium: at just 13.5kg it’s lightweight, compact and powerful. With a group 31 footprint it boasts a 5,000 cycle capability.