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Leoch LFeLi Lithium 48V

Our Leoch Lithium (LFeLi) 48 volt batteries are composed of iron phosphate batteries (LiFePo4) offering extreme cyclic abilities and long design life compared to lead acid alternatives. For extremely demanding network applications, Leoch has developed 48V Lithium-Iron (LiFePo4) modules to replace front terminal 48V strings of lead-acid batteries. Offering more than 5000 cycles at 60% DoD, the 19-inch rack mounting design facilitates easy replacement in existing installations and easy maintenance.


Environmentally friendly without any heavy metals inside

Extreme Cycle Life, up to 3500 cycles at 100% DoD to reduce CAPEX & OPEX in demanding telecom, switchgear or hybrid applications

Embedded BMS developed with a multitude of safety features and measuring points alongside with an optional front LCD screen

Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry has a high thermal runaway threshold being one of the safest market lithium technology

Fast charge capability of up to 1C10 offers unparalleled charging performance*on single unit mode


Model Nominal Rated Approx Dimension(mm) Remarks
Voltage Capacity Length*Width*Height
V Ah (doesn’t include the handle)
LFeLi-4810S 48V 10 442*290*44 Can not in parallel
LFeLi-4820S 48V 20 442*330*88 Can not in parallel
LFeLi-4850C 48V 50 442*442*132 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4850T 48V 50 442*442*132 Can in parallel
LFeLi-4875C 48V 75 442*399*177 Can in parallel
LFeLi-48100F 48V 100 500*230*260 Can in parallel.
LFeLi-48100T 48V 100

Can in parallel.
LFeLi-48150T 48V 150 442*495*177 Can in parallel
LFeLi-48200T 48V 200 442*560*244 Can in parallel

Suitable for the following sectors