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LHT – Leoch High Temperature

Leoch High Temperature batteries, LHT series, are AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries that have been optimized for high temperature telecom applications. LHT batteries reduce CAPEX & OPEX for the end-user, offer a long life design at 35oC where conventional AGM batteries last half of the life duration of LHT batteries, a front and top terminal design and extended warranty under high temperatures that offer “peace of mind” during usage.


Ideal for high temperature communications and emergency power supply applications

To be operated at reference temperatures of 35°C, 10°C higher than the reference temperature of conventional VRLA batteries (25°C)

Long life design of up to 10 years (12V) and 15 years (2V) at 35°C

High Temperature design paste formula, double sealing agent and separator to optimize performance under higher temperatures

Unique one-way vent valve design to minimize water loss and increase safety

Premium ABS+PC jar & covers flame retardant to UL94-V0


Suitable for the following sectors