Leoch Battery UK

MKS PRO series


High energy density

Excellent high and low temperature performance

Rapid charge and discharge

Allow for both wall hanging and stackable

Long cycle life

Rapid charge and discharge








Rated output power 3.5KW 5.5KW 6.5KW
Rated battery voltage 24V 48V
Max. charge/discharge current 100A/150A
Max. input voltage 500VDC
Rated input voltage 360VDC
MPPT operating voltage range 120~450VDC
Number of MPPT trackers
Max. input current per MPPT 100A(Max)
Rated grid voltage L/N/PE, 220V/230V/240V,50Hz/60Hz
Grid voltage range 170Vac-280Vac (According to local standard)
Rated AC power 3500W 5500W 6500W
Max. AC power output to   utility grid 3500VA 5500VA 6500VA
Rated   voltage,Frequency(Off-grid) 220V/230V, 50/60Hz
Max. apparent power(Off-grid) 3500VA 5500VA 6500VA
Transfer time <10ms
Max efficiency of solar   inverter 97.70% 97.80%
European efficiency of solar   inverter 97.00% 97.10%
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 640*200*350
Net Weight(KG) 22.5
Degree of protection IP20
Display LCD &APP+Bluetooh
Communication RS485/Bluetooth/Ethernet, Optional: WiFi/4G/GPRS
BATTERY MODULE MX24100X1 MX48100X2 MX48100X3
Batteries materials Lithium iron phosphate
Series parallel mode (S   series, P parallel) 8S1P 16S1P 16S1P
Rate voltage 25.6V 51.2V 51.2V
Rate capacity 100Ah 200Ah 300Ah
Size( mm ) 588*430*195 (monomer) 588*430*195 (monomer) 588*430*195 (monomer)
Weight 48kg (Battery pack) 96kg(Battery pack) 144kg (Battery pack)
Color Optional
Charging way CC/CV
Charging current 0.2C(standard)
Maximum charging current Max1C @25℃
Charge cut-off voltage 58.4V
Discharge way CP/VP
Discharge current 1C
Maximum discharge current Max1C @25℃
Discharge cut-off voltage 44.8V
Communication interface RS485/RS232/CAN
Charging operating temperature charging:0~+50℃
Dischargeoperating temperature discharge:-20~+55℃
The quality assurance period 60 months
Degree of protection IP20

Suitable for the following sectors