Leoch Battery UK

2019 End of Year Review


As DBS Leoch comes to the end of a challenging year as a SME in the current uncertain economic landscape, I would like to look back on the Company and key developments over this period.

The first half of the year has seen especially strong growth for DBS Leoch.   Product-wise, we have seen large advances in targeted sectors and the release of Leoch’s latest Lead Carbon and Pure Lead Carbon batteries which have been a welcome addition to the range.  The response to the new SLCA range has been fantastic, the numerous applications and markets suited for this product are almost overwhelming. Our reach into existing sectors has been bolstered by the new products and helped us to gain traction into emerging markets.

Focusing on the lithium sector, the new RELiON Insight arrived also, which is set to revolutionise the GC2 market with its drop-fit capabilities and huge cycle life.

Our range of chargers and inverters also experienced a high in terms of growth, with 50% increase year on year.

Looking ahead to 2020, there are many exciting developments on the horizon with both DBSL and our parent company Leoch. Quarter 1 will see the release of our new brochure and updated Price Lists, the latter in a more user-friendly format.   The brochure will allow us to demonstrate the many ranges and products that we stock, showing DBS Leoch to possess one of the most comprehensive ranges in the UK, in both Industrial and Lifestyle markets.   Later in the year will bring a new website with increased features and functionality for customers.

With Lithium-technology batteries being one of our fastest growing ranges this year (experiencing a huge 182% upsurge), the new Leoch lithium series will provide further opportunities, complimenting the current RELiON lithium range.  New stock arrivals will take place from the two new lead acid battery manufacturing plants in Vietnam and the one new Lithium factory in China.

So to sum up, it’s been a year of new products, new markets and new achievements across the business with some significant new customers gained.  We look forward to advancing in 2020 with our depth and breadth of technologies, providing the best offering to our customers, backed by the manufacturing integrity of Leoch Battery.