Leoch Battery UK

Adding real power for your motorhome


If you’re investing in a new or second-hand caravan or motorhome, choosing the right battery to supply your power can help you to get the most out of your travels.

A standard leisure battery may work well in certain motor vehicles but for a high-specification caravan or motorhome, you need a leisure battery that can be cycled, discharged and recharged, to power your fridge, lights and other appliances. Using a good 3 stage charger is important too, to charge your deep cycle batteries.

DBS Leoch provides a full range of deep cycle leisure batteries including the SFL, LAGM, SLCA, Pure Lead Carbon and RELiON Lithium models that offer super-fast charging and deep cycle life operation, and that are highly beneficial for off-grid applications.

Leoch Pure Lead Carbon batteries extend battery life up to 15-20 years (based on daily cycling) and can be recharged to 95% in just 60 minutes. With up to 5,000 cycles, the RELiON Lithium battery achieves over 30x the cycles of flooded batteries and is 70 per cent lighter than comparable flooded batteries.

Our new range of Superior Lead Carbon AGM (SLCA) batteries provides a long-life and super-fast charging power solution for motorhome and caravan owners.

The new SLCA range charge up to 90 per cent in just three hours. It is designed for deep cycle performance with a positive plate formula to minimise water consumption and provide a longer service life at 1,500 cycles at 50% DoD (Depth of Discharge).

DBS Leoch will be showcasing this range of motorhome and caravan batteries at this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show from 15-20 October 2019 at Birmingham NEC.

We’ll be on Stand 12.124 so if you’re planning to visit, pop along to see us and we’ll show you why a high-performance specialist leisure battery is an investment worth making.