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Battery power for your floor cleaning regimes


In this month’s blog, Reporter Dee interviews Chris North, Sales Director at DBS Leoch about the latest power requirements for equipment in the floor cleaning sector.

“Manufacturers of all types of floor cleaning equipment are increasingly looking at how they can most effectively use batteries as a power source. They’re looking for ‘fit and forget’ batteries to avoid the worry of regular maintenance and one that can recharge quickly during breaks in shifts, making the most of ‘opportunity charging’.

Advances in battery technology in recent years have meant that they can be charged much more quickly and once charged, have a much longer active life before they need re-charging.

However, as technology moves on so quickly, we’re now seeing a shift in demand away from traditional flooded batteries to a new generation of sealed batteries. Take our new Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel (SLCA) batteries, for example. Their main benefits are that they offer super-fast re-charging and you can leave them safely in a Partial State of Charge (PSoC) without risking any deterioration.

Their unique chemistry also eliminates sulphation that can cause a premature failure of the battery – something that can happen early in the lifecycle with flooded technology, if not properly maintained or left in a Partial State of Charge.

As the health and safety requirements to which you must comply get ever more stringent, ‘fit and forget’ sealed battery units such as the SLCA are the solution to help you to optimise the lifecycle and performance of your floor cleaning machines.”