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Data Centres and the Environment


Data centres as we know them today first emerged during the dot-com bubble of 1997 to 2000 as companies needed fast internet and connectivity to secure their place on the world wide web.


It is estimated that across the world there are now more than 7.2 million data centres** occupying millions of sq. ft of space and as our need to store ever more data, music and photographs grows these figures are set to rise further.


There has been a lot of criticism of data centres because of the impact they have on the environment.


It’s estimated that data centres consume 1 – 2% of all the world’s electricity supply and produce about 2% of all our greenhouse gas emissions.


The data centre consists of infrastructure to support the servers, disks and networking equipment it contains. This includes cooling, power distribution, backup batteries and generators, lighting, fire suppression. The result is a very power-hungry solution.


Consequently, leading industry experts are investing a lot of time into investigating how data centres can be made greener through the use of environmentally friendly cooling methods.


At Leoch, we also focus on the best solutions and products to support data centres in the steps that are being taken to make them more environmentally friendly.


Indeed, only recently our very own Phil Hardy was asked to join other internationally-renowned speakers at a major data centres conference to discuss the increasing interest in the use of lithium batteries in data centres over more traditional lead acid options.


Phil was able to actively contribute to the lively discussion on this topic because Leoch is a leading provider of batteries for all your critical infrastructure requirements.


Therefore, we are expertly placed to help organisations understand the pros and cons of our technologies so that they can identify which option is best for them.


The key thing for organisations to look at is what their own applications require and then choose the best solution for their needs.


This may all seem rather daunting but that’s where our expert team can help. Leoch batteries are widely used in communication networks and data centres at all levels so our expert team can help organisations find bespoke solutions that work effectively and efficiently for them.


If you’d like to find out more, our expert team will be exhibiting at Data Centre World at ExCeL London on 2 and 3 March. Throughout the two days of the show, we will help visitors to discover how our Leoch batteries have been specifically designed to provide reliable back-up power whilst satisfying the high-rate power requirements of the most demanding UPS applications.

In the meantime, for more information on our range of lithium and lead acid batteries and how they can benefit you or your business, contact our team at 01858 433 330 or email sales.uk@leoch.com.

**The Data centre industry is continuously growing and functions in many parts of business such as, data backup, networking, website hosting, email management and security