Leoch Battery UK

DCW Virtual Show and the UPS Market


Earlier this month Leoch Battery UK exhibited not only at their first show of 2021 but their first virtual show. Data Centre World London, unfortunately, had to cancel their physical event this year due to the unknown status of the Covid-19 virus in the UK. However, they decided to flip the scenario from a negative to a positive by instead taking the opportunity to host a virtual show, dipping their toes in the waters in what could be the future of exhibitions. This was a unique opportunity to test a new format to meet customers but also challenge our team in a market we are continuing to grow in.


UPS as a sector for the UK

It’s been made clear that since Leoch acquisition of the UK office in 2020, Leoch Battery UK had established deep roots in the motive markets. This has led to a promising strategic opportunity as the Leoch EMEA office have mainly focused on the Network power markets. This allows for both offices to learn from each other and share information and experience for each other’s specialities. Leoch UK has especially prospered from this strategy. Particularly since hiring sales members who have the knowledge and contacts in the Network industry as well as expanding the UK network catalogue. This has resulted in the procurement of 6 figure contracts and huge sales wins within the last year in UPS, Telecom and other network markets. Leoch Battery UK is making waves as a strong competitor in the market space as its customer portfolio grows.


Our experience at the exhibition

This exhibition was definitely an adjustment and hard to compare to live shows we have exhibited at. The idea of a virtual show offers unique opportunities such as the possibility to meet anyone from anywhere, signing up was very easy and people could easily visit the show from the comfort of their home or office. The show itself was hosted on a bespoke platform specially design for the Data Centre World event which added to the experience. However, from our experience, it is clear this type of event is certainly missing a more human element. As we all know a video call isn’t quite the same as meeting someone in person, this feeling applies to this kind of event.


Questions from the event

But like all shows, we did get several visitors just curious to see what we had to offer. Many of which came from different network market backgrounds and positions within the companies. Our team were happy to chat with all of them. Many of whom offered interesting questions and lengthy conversations about each other’s companies, products, and markets. We made note of some of the questions that stood out so we could share them here:


What role does sustainability play in your company’s overall strategic plan? 

As battery power is one of the forefronts when it comes to green energy, sustainability is a strong component in our strategic plan, spanning across all departments. For example, Leoch has started manufacturing lithium technology as it offers greener components when manufactured and a much longer design life meaning fewer replacements compared to lead acid. This however doesn’t mean lead acid is going anywhere as there are so many reasons to consider lead acid options. Therefore, we offer our customers a lead acid recycling scheme, putting their minds at ease that their old batteries won’t end up in landfills. Reducing waste and recycle what materials we can.


What was your biggest challenge during the pandemic in relation to materials? 

Honestly, we didn’t really have any issues when it came to production, one of the perks of being a manufacturer and our reliable material resources. Though saying that, we, like everyone else during the pandemic, have and continue to experience some delays when it comes to shipping products. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do to help combat this, but rest assured we are always improving where we can.


What are the main considerations you consider when supporting a data centre build?  

This is a great question, and we are always receiving similar queries for which we usually give the same answer. Due to having so many options available we really offer bespoke recommendations based on the needs of the client. The things to consider include technology, discharge rate, the weight if there are restrictions, recharge time, discharge time, these are just a few factors to consider when a potential customer approaches us. Therefore, we always recommend speaking to one of our sales team who can help you find the best battery solution for your needs.


Future Exhibitions

Though grateful for the opportunity to do a virtual show, it’s clear physical shows are not on their way out anytime soon. Especially for those in the UPS market who seem to appreciate the in-person approach. We look forward to seeing what future shows offer and hope event organisers can find a balance to take advantage of the positives that come from a virtual and physical show. Luckily the next UPS show isn’t too far away as we are attending is Data Centres Ireland, from the 16th to 17th November. If you’re interested in speaking to our team there about your UPS system needs, book your tickets here. Or if you want to talk to us before then, drop us a message on our contact page.