Leoch Battery UK

Happy first birthday to us!


This March symbolises a special time for us here at Leoch Battery UK. Not only is it ushering in the start of springtime but it’s also the one-year anniversary of us becoming part of the global Leoch family!

Back in March 2020, Leoch, one of the top ten battery manufacturers in the world, acquired a 100 per cent stake in DBS Leoch, as we were then. We became Leoch Battery UK – the UK subsidiary of Leoch International, joining franchises in Germany, France, Italy and Greece across Europe. We’ll soon have another addition to the Leoch family after a recent acquisition that will allow Leoch to extend its operations into Spain and Portugal.

We’ve been selling Leoch’s industry-leading lead acid and lithium battery range in the UK for over ten years now and the technology has proven to be particularly successful for our customers.

Over the past year, we’ve been increasing our focus on the network power markets of telecoms, UPS and Data Centres, Renewables and Energy Storage, plus growing our motive products in the UK (mobility, car conversion, aerial work platform) as well as consolidating business in the leisure sector including caravans and boating.

Leoch came with a long-term strategy to support us in improving existing operation. We’re already stronger, with an improved footprint in motive and network power, an enhanced salesforce with specialised people, an experienced, highly educated and reactive technical support team for the UK and EMEA, and a big stock in the UK with our own warehousing operation to ensure faster deliveries.

Looking forward, sales in Europe reached over £200 million last year and we’re targeting a 20 per cent increase globally, including from the UK. We’ll also be working with numerous OEMs and extending our B2B offering.

We’re confident about our future in the Leoch family and hope that we can continue to utilise our battery expertise to help you to find the best solution for all of your power needs!