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Leoch Battery UK delighted to attend NiBS Annual Battery Conference


Last month, our new UK Sales Manager for Network Power, Neil Blackwell, was delighted to attend the annual battery conference hosted by NiBS (Northern Industrial Battery Services) in Telford.

Held on the 19th and 20th October at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort, the conference showcases the best and brightest in the UK battery and use energy storage market. We welcomed the opportunity to exhibit some of our latest Pure Lead technology at the event, as well as the chance to converse with and learn from others in the industry.

As part of the event, technical papers were presented by experts, together with panel discussions on ‘hot topics’ within the standby power industry.

NiBS is the UK’s leading accredited specialist standby power company, offering a range of products and services to meet industrial standby power requirements.

Neil said: “I had been very much looking forward to attending the NiBS Annual Battery Conference, and it didn’t disappoint. Our exhibition stand opposite the stage gave an unmatched view of proceedings and the in-depth papers presented by industry experts.

“It is a perfect forum to learn about the industry, network with like-minded people and learn about the developments and trends in our industry.

“Leoch looks forward to returning next year!

“I have spoken to the organisers about presenting a Leoch paper at 2023’s conference that looks at the strengths of two, key technologies currently used in the standby market today: Valve Regulated Lead Acid & Lithium-Ion batteries. Leoch offers both which means we are ideally placed to offer an objective view of the 3R’s.

“Selecting the right technology and the right solution for the right application!”

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