Leoch Battery UK

Looking ahead to 2023…


Last month our blog was a reflective one, looking back over some key events and highlights of 2022.

This month we want to look ahead.

We have some big aspirations for 2023 and markets we are keen to explore, focus on and grow.

Sustainability and renewables
As the environment and global warming continue to be a priority for businesses and consumers alike, Leoch is committed to staying ahead of the game.

In 2023, we want to further explore energy storage (where electricity is stored in batteries and replaces the generation of electricity) as we see this as a growing technology that will soon replace other modes of power.

With energy costs soaring, we know there will be more demand for Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) as consumers and businesses look for alternative, lower cost ways to generate and conserve energy to support their daily power needs.

As a battery manufacturer as well as a turnkey solution provider, we want to contribute more to the ESS market in the UK. We also want to be able to offer more viable green solutions alongside the clean, high-powered batteries we currently supply.

Replacing fossil fuels is also a huge area of development we are really passionate about. This could lead to the integration of solar farms and battery farms in the future, where power is generated by batteries when the weather fails, as well as ESS. In 2022 we broke into the renewables market so in 2023 we plan to make more of a contribution to this space.

Like other Leoch Battery subsidiaries across the globe, we will continue to focus on the motive power market, providing a wide range of batteries to core sectors such as marine, medical, mobility, leisure and access work platforms. We will also continue to invest more in lithium-ion in 2023 and add more motive products to our offering. We have lots of new products and technology in the pipeline.

Much of this product development and new technology has come about as a direct result of working with our customers and focusing on their needs and expectation. We’ve realised that customers require faster charging, longer life, and smart energy management from their batteries when it comes to motive, and we are focusing on solutions to meet these needs.

Telecoms and UPS
Telecoms and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) are sectors we are keen to grow in after breaking into these markets in 2022. We also want to facilitate more global partnerships with top players in the industry.

Already Leoch manufactures a wide range of premium lead acid and lithium-ion network power batteries for the telecommunications sector which offer exceptional performance and long-life for a broad spectrum of telecom applications.

In terms of UPS, we can now offer sealed lead acid network power batteries specifically designed to provide reliable back-up power to the most demanding applications, consistently.

But, we want to do more in these areas and demonstrate real innovation in this field.

We will also continue to seek out feedback from our customers to continually improve in everything we do from innovation and product development through to customer service and staff training.

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