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Meeting Demand for Batteries for Electric Boats


‘The growing development and use of hybrid and electric boat engines will contribute to the transformation of the global recreational boating market.’

Recreational Boat Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2018-2023

October 2018

It’s safe to say that demand for electric boats is growing rapidly, driven by an increasing consumer awareness of eco-friendly transportation options.

The demand for better propulsion technology for this new generation of hybrid and electric boats has led to a wide range of options for battery power – longer lasting, safer and more efficient than ever.

Offering new technology for electric boat owners

At DBS Leoch, we’re fully committed to the electric boat sector and our batteries range from Flooded Tubular, Gel Tubular and Superior Lead Carbon AGM, through to Pure Lead Carbon, Lead Carbon 2 volt Cells and Lithium.

Financially, it’s true to say, the more you pay, the better the long-term investment so our recommendations are:

Good: the Superior Lead Carbon AGM range offers a very low cost, simple to install bank of batteries. For increased Amp Hours, a second bank can be fitted in parallel. Perfect for the leisure market, whose use would be for several weeks per year.

Better: the Lead Carbon 2 Volt offers exceptional long life, maintenance-free, installation options (vertical or horizontal), PSOC resistant. Perfect for extensive use, live on board and industrial applications (hire).

Best: Lithium – the ultimate – lightweight, high power, fast recharge, space saving – use 100% of the capacity – fit and forget. Perfect in every department.

Come and see for yourself at Crick

Boat owners can come and see the DBS Leoch range for themselves at the Crick Boat Show, the UK’s biggest inland waterways festival from 25-27 May 2019.

We’ll be on stand Q44, featuring batteries for electric propulsion – the Superior Lead Carbon AGM (SLCA), 2 volt Lead Carbon and RELiON Insight – a breakthrough in Lithium technology.