Leoch Battery UK

Not just a box!


Product packaging plays a crucial role in any company’s selling process and its wider marketing strategy. It’s often the first thing that a customer sees and a simple cardboard box can be a key communication channel to engage and inform customers.

At Leoch, we take great pride in our packaging and how it portrays the excellence of the company and our products. As such, we’re about to roll-out a whole new selection of striking packaging that you’ll be seeing on our products from October 2020 onwards.

Some existing Leoch customers and resellers might still have the older brown boxes but all labels are being changed to the new screenprint design for the more industrial-looking products.

Our Marketing Director, Vanessa Human explains: “Now that we’re part of the Leoch family, we’re ensuring that our packaging style is consistent and recognisable across Europe, and that we can embrace Leoch product codes in the UK. The new design includes key product details and clear safety information too, so will be informative, as well as visually different.

“In addition, the recent introduction of the Leoch Lithium product in strong, eye-catching packaging also meant that the lead acid products needed an overhaul so it was perfect timing for a new look!

“It’s an opportunity for us to enhance the product packaging from a retail/shelf presence perspective and achieve consistency between the products, printed labels and other materials for a holistic brand identity. We’re confident that it reflects the quality ethos of Leoch with a focus on the clarity of information. Hope that you’ll like it, too!”