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Smart Spaces, Sustainable Energy: Coming to Leoch Battery UK


The new year will bring a new stackable and wall mounted ESS system from Leoch Battery, due to launch in the UK in February 2024.

We’ve always championed the use of ESS as not only providing a viable green solution to energy storage but also offering a reliable way to gain independence from traditional power grids.

A stackable ESS, or a SESS, is made up of multiple battery packs that can be stacked together to create a scalable and flexible energy option.

There is much merit in a stackable ESS system. Not only does it offer flexibility, but the modular system means it is easy to install and compact for small spaces.

Whatever energy supply you need can be met by adding or removing the battery packs, so a bespoke energy solution can be created – whatever the demand. It can be expanded or lessened as and when necessary, ensuring optimum efficiency.

An energy storage system can be adjusted and tweaked until it perfectly meets any given specific need, making it the ideal solution for the residential energy sector.

Our LEOCH® RESS Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries are a fantastic example of this.

The product offers both ease in installation and unmatched performance in residential energy storage. Systems can be easily tailored to meet any power requirement.

Systems are scalable from 5kWh to 60kWh and can be tailored to meet any power requirement – up to 64 modules can be connected in parallel for a maximum capacity of 320kWh. Each system comes equipped with and integrated inverter to avoid compatibility issues.

The intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors over-charge, over-discharge and over-current, maximising performance and safety, which in turn safeguards battery life, and the plug and play technology means you simply connect and you’re ready to go – no additional wiring required.

SESS are commonly made up of lithium-ion batteries as they are renowned for their long cycle life, high energy density and low self-discharge rates but other types of batteries are also used.

For more information about the SESS visit – https://leochamericas.com/leoch_category/network-power/energy-storage/