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Sustainability Through Energy Storage Systems


In the modern world, in which we are fighting the effects of climate change, we are forever in search of solutions for sustainable energy sources.

Which is why energy storage systems and off-grid power have never been so important. Energy storage, where electricity is stored in batteries and replaces the generation of electricity, will eventually replace other modes of power.


Batteries are becoming a more sustainable remote power source than oil generators, especially when charged using solar power.


As part of its commitment to offering a viable green solution to energy storage, Leoch UK offers safe, clean and high-powered batteries.


Our range has been designed to develop and produce clean energy, eco-friendly power solutions, using various battery technologies.

ESS crucially provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions, as well as independence from traditional power grids, storing energy during off-peak times and releasing it back into usage during peak times.

Domestic energy storage systems may focus on supporting residential power usage. They might also integrate with existing electrical setups. For rural applications, users may require robust and standalone systems capable of providing power in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

This efficient use and management of stored energy enables individuals and communities to have access to electricity in remote areas, during emergencies, or for outdoor activities.

This can be life changing for those living in these places.

More and more people are looking for ways to store energy locally. The demand for Leoch’s lithium batteries has risen significantly over the last year, as they give so much information and are modular, meaning that the system can be built on to meet changing requirements.

Our soon to launch sister company, Marxon, provides ESS in various capacity options, catering to a wide range of energy demands. From residential applications to large commercial installations, customers can choose the capacity that best suits their specific requirements.

The modular design of Marxon’s ESS allows for easy scalability. Users can start with a smaller capacity and expand the system as their energy needs grow, making it a future-proof investment.

ESS is equipped with a sophisticated Energy Management System that optimizes energy usage and storage. It continuously analyses energy consumption patterns, weather forecasts, and grid conditions to ensure efficient charging and discharging, maximizing energy savings.

ESS also boasts high energy conversion efficiency, minimizing energy losses during charging and discharging cycles. The round-trip efficiency, typically exceeding 90%, ensures that more energy is stored and available for use.

Marxon’s lithium-ion batteries have an impressive cycle life, with up to 5,000 charge-discharge cycles or more, depending on the model and usage conditions. This ensures long-lasting and reliable energy storage.

The ESS is also equipped with advanced communication protocols, allowing seamless integration with smart home or building automation systems. Users can monitor and control the system remotely through dedicated mobile apps or web interfaces.

Marxon products can be viewed on the Leoch Battery exhibition stand at Solar and Storage Live at the NEC in October.

For more information about Marxon and all the products and services it offers, visit https://marxon.com/ or www.leochbattery.co.uk