Leoch Battery UK supplies a comprehensive range of automotive batteries for 99.99% of cars in the UK, suitable for diesel, petrol, LPG Autogas and hybrid cars (also including stop-start technology). All of the automotive batteries we supply are fit and forget and maintenance-free: no one wants to return to the 1970s with the necessity of topping them up using distilled water! With so many competitors on the market it’s important to bear in the mind the quality attributes of Leoch batteries  – which is a real advantage compared to the market average of two years or 24,000 miles. We only supply automotive batteries manufactured by our commercial partner Leoch, one of the world’s largest multi-range battery manufacturers: unlike many of our competitors we know the factories in which our batteries are produced plus the rigorous manufacturing standards maintained.

The Leoch ‘P’ series of automotive batteries covers vehicles with small to large engines (ranging from 360 to 1000 CCA), and have a fit and forget, maintenance-free design, robust handles and outer casing. Based on the European DIN numbering system, the inclusion of lead calcium technology reduces self-discharge and fluid loss. The batteries are safe and environmentally-friendly and provide a reliable, consistent performance. Our ‘L’ series are a specification above the ‘P’ series with all of the same benefits but also including high-spec Ah and CCA capacity for superior starting power and a magic eye charge indicator. Eye-catching retail packaging ensures an imposing presence of the range in-store. The ‘L’ series are also suitable for light commercial vehicles. for further details. For the ultimate in starter power the Xtreme series feature Leoch’s proven AGM technology for durability and vibration resistance and are sealed for life, unspillable and safe. Temperature plays a key part in a battery’s ability to deliver CCA and the Xtreme range produces superior performance in extreme temperatures. Further details on the Xtreme battery can be found in the ‘Recommended Battery’ section below, including its deep cycle capabilities.