Cleaning & Maintenance

The advantages of battery-powered machines in the cleaning sector are clear: reducing emissions, removing trailing cables and limiting noise. However, when specifying a power source for uninterrupted cleaning operations it’s essential that the correct size of battery, its charging capabilities and the model of cleaner it’s destined for are all considered. Leoch Battery UK is perfectly placed to advise with a range of reliable technologies, which reduce equipment downtime and enable maximum operational efficiencies.

Fast-charging and a long deep cycle life: common requirements for floor sweepers and scrubber dryers. Our AGM batteries are sealed for safety and practicality and have a low rate of self-discharge. They can be mounted in any orientation and being maintenance-free, are ideal for cleaning machines that require usage by a number of staff. The dedicated Gel option is the GTP (Gel Tubular Plate) from our Monobloc Collection, with up to 1,500 cycles achievable thanks to the tubular plate technology and deep discharging capabilities being far superior to regular gel batteries. Introduced in 2019, Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel batteries, revolutionary with their Tribrid technology (combining the advantages of AGM, Lead Carbon and Gel), boast excellent Partial State of Charge (PSoC) capabilities. The risk of sulphation is reduced when the batteries are not completely charged – a key factor in the cleaning sector, complementing the long lifespan of 1,000 cycles. The range concludes with the lightweight RELiON lithium RB75, lasting up to 20x longer than lead acid batteries and capable of a full, deep cycle recharge in less than 1 hour, the perfect option when weight of the battery and turnaround recharge speed are top requirements.