Electric Boat

Electric boat propulsion is a massive growth sector, driven by an increasing consumer awareness of ecofriendly transportation options. With the marine sector a mainstay of our business, Leoch Battery UK is perfectly positioned to offer a wide range of options for battery power for the new generation of hybrid and electric boats. They’re long lasting, safe and highly efficient.

Choose from Flooded Flat Plate for the small boat enthusiast; Gel Tubular with zero-maintenance and safety a priority; Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel as a great all-round battery for smaller boats up to 60ft narrow beam; Pure Lead Carbons for high density power in a limited space; Lead Carbon 2 and 12 volt cells for heavy duty, commercial applications, right up to the brand new RELiON Insights for the lightweight, fit-and-forget solution. We provide a huge choice based on cycle life, safety, installation and recharge requirements…why go elsewhere?