Electric Vehicle

As levels of environmental-consciousness increase, so does demand for alternate sources of power. Leoch Battery UK is at the forefront of power provision for electric vehicles, whether they are small commercial vans, warehouse vehicles or even battery-powered trucks delivering grocery shopping in congested cities. We supply both OEMS and after-market service providers with a choice of lead acid and lithium batteries, backed with long warranties from our manufacturing associates Leoch and RELiON.

There really is a huge range of battery technologies suitable for powering Electric Vehicles, taking into account each vehicle’s specific requirements. The proven AGM technology battery is our entry model resilient to greater depths of discharge than conventional AGM batteries. From our Monobloc Collection the FFP (Flooded Flat Plate) and acclaimed GTP (Gel Tubular Plate) are ideal for deep cycling and deep discharging – with the GTP boasting an impressive 1,500 cycle life. If partial state of charge resilience is a requirement the Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel minimises sulphation with the inclusion of carbon negative plates. Finally, RELiON’s Insight range, launched in 2019, is a drop-fit lithium battery in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt configurations which can be connected in parallel for extra power and extension of running time. With a huge 6,000+ cycle life at 80% DOD there’s a 6 year warranty for additional peace of mind.