Golf Carts (Dual-Seater) & Municipal Vehicles

The variety of technologies available to fulfil power needs for dual-seater golf carts, and municipal vehicles is vast. Providing 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt batteries, and used individually or in multiple configurations, the Leoch Battery UK range covers lead acid monoblocs, Tribrid technology Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel batteries and NEW to the market, the revolutionary RELiON lithium Insight drop-fit replacement. Whether you’re looking to power a fleet of buggies on an idyllic golf course, or pavement sweepers and small waste collection vehicles in a busy town centre, we have the best choice in technologies available in the UK.

Part of the Monobloc range (so called because of their internal construction with 2 volt ‘blocs’ wired in series), Leoch FFP (Flooded Flat Plate) 6, 8 and 12 V batteries are ideally suited for deep cycling, being capable of to greater depths of discharge than their regular flooded counterparts and achieving 700 cycles. Also within the Monobloc range is the Leoch FTP (Flooded Tubular Plate) range, available in 6 and 12 V variants, which through their tubular plate structures, provide extra resilience to the continued stress of deep cycling in small vehicle applications. The FTP provides double the cycle rate of the FFP, at 1,500 cycles. Should a maintenance-free power option be preferred, consider the recently-launched Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel for resilience to partial state of charge to minimise sulphation, increasing the battery’s longevity. With a combination of Lead Carbon, AGM and Gel technologies, it’s the outstanding offering within the lead acid market, enabling 1,000 cycles at 60% DoD, fast recharging to 90% in 3 hours (great for opportunity-charging in between uses), low self-discharge rates and excellent durability, with vibration-resistance and a wide operating temperature range.

Brand new to the market is RELiON’s lithium revolutionary Insight range – the drop-fit replacement battery solution designed specifically for golf carts and smaller electric vehicles, available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt variants. With no need to modify trays, an excellent weight-to-performance ratio and extremely rapid recharge to 80% capacity in 1 hour, the SuperSmart Battery Management System (BMS) within maximises performance and eliminates the need for additional hardware. A maximum cycle life of 6,000 cycles can be achieved @80% DoD and up to 10 batteries can be connected in parallel.