Golf Trolleys & Single-Seater Ride-Ons

Frequency of use; weight of bags; compatibility with various trolley brands – there are many variables that end users need to consider in their choice of golf trolley batteries. Leoch Battery UK provides a comprehensive choice of batteries catering for all major golf trolley brands including Powakaddy and Motocaddy. One aspect they have in common is manufacturing integrity – we source directly from Leoch and RELiON, whether the requirements are lead acid (using a variety of technologies) or lithium. Equally, within this section of the brochure, for single-seater ride-on golf buggies and similar vehicles, we recommend use of a combination of 2 or 3 12 volt batteries as featured, plus don’t forget to check out our Electric Vehicle battery range here.

Leoch AGM batteries are the ideal choice for weekly or occasional golfers, being maintenance- and leak-free (mountable in any direction), with the electrolyte within the battery being absorbed within fibreglass material. Choose from the standard AGM range or Supreme AGM with longer warranties and more rounds of golf achievable which are ideal for rental trolleys: we recommend from 20Ah batteries for shorter courses and up to 38Ah powerhouses for commercial use. The Leoch Elite golf series uses Gel technology, taking the performance of AGM to a higher level and are ideal for the professional or serious golfer with heavier golf bags. Being impossible to discharge and maintenance-free they’re resilient and resistant to temperature fluctuations and can achieve almost double the number of rounds of a standard AGM. Top of the golf trolley battery range is the RELiON lithium series – the LiFePO4 uses top grades of lithium and is 70% lighter than traditional lead acid variants, achieving 10x their cycle life. The premium power choice for the frequent and professional golfer, RELiON batteries are constructed in the USA to the highest of standards with excellence ensured in every component and at every stage of construction.

For single-seater cart use, the Gel Tubular Plate (GTP) is the ideal solution. Part of the Monobloc collection (internal construction of a series of 2 volt ‘blocs wired in series), they are perfect for deep cycling and perform superbly to sustained depths of discharge, as demanded in cart usage.

At DBS Leoch we offer chargers (Click here), connectors and adapters to compliment the range of trolley batteries. Batteries can be purchased without connectors or alternatively, with a choice of industry-standard options as below:

Leoch AGM: Battery only / Torberry connector / T-Bar connector
Leoch Elite: Battery only / Torberry connector / T-Bar connector
RELiON Lithium: Battery only / T-Bar connector