Motorhome & Caravan

Along with our range of Marine and Electric Boat batteries, Leoch Battery UK also covers the UK Leisure market in terms of lead acid and lithium batteries for the Motorhome & Caravan sector. As in the boating sector, we are active at all stages of the purchasing chain, providing both OEMs, distributors and after-market suppliers with one of the largest ranges of leisure vehicle power sources available in the Country. Experience is everything and we appreciate the battery requirements of end users through our dialogue with them at consumerfocused Motorhome & Caravan exhibitions. Extra quality and performance reassurance is provided through the rigorous testing process many of our batteries undergo with the National Caravan Council (NCC) and we are proud to say that several Leoch products are registered and verified with the organisation.

Flooded, SFL® batteries are designed for starting and light duty, ideal for seasonal use, with many of the SFL® range being NCC Class C approved for minimal hook-usage. For heavier duty applications the Adventurer AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat technology) deep cycle battery is maintenance-free and sealed for life, with a capability of 600 cycles and offers an exceptionally low kilowatt cost over the battery’s lifetime. Also using AGM technology, the Xtreme range provides high starting and cycling capabilities in one battery, featuring eyecatching branding and perfect for regular to intense usage (note that in addition to the LAGM 130, the XR 1750 DC also boasts NCC Class A certification). All AGM batteries can be installed in any orientation and offer increased levels of reliability and versatility. Introduced to the market in 2019 is the Leoch Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel battery which features the ‘Tribrid’ technology attributes of Lead Carbon, AGM and Gel combined in one power source. The massive advantages this battery possesses include great performance in partial state of charge (PSoC): charge acceptance, fast charge capability to 90% in 3 hours and reduction in sulphation which has the potential to cause premature failure. 1,000 cycles can be achieved at 60% DoD and the battery is compatible with AGM chargers.

If fast charging is the prerequisite, at an extremely low kilowatt cost (per lifetime of the battery), Pure Lead Carbon is the battery to choose, reaching a 90% charge in less than 1 hour. For off-grid caravan and motorhome charges it’s the ideal option. Plus, the Pure Lead Carbon 100 is NCC approved. Finally, should lithium be the desired option, we supply RELiON LiFe PO4 batteries as the premium choice which are 70% lighter than lead acid equivalents, have a capability of 5,000 cycles and are designed and manufactured in the USA with 1st rate cells. Full power is available throughout their discharge, with no voltage drops as can happen with certain lead acid batteries.

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