Reliability is the watch-word for Leoch Commercial batteries. Regardless of whether you need a starter battery for a small van, bus or coach or a HGV, you should be looking for reassurance of manufacturing integrity from a producer in a sector with a huge number of competing battery suppliers. With Leoch Battery UK supplying direct from its manufacturer Leoch using top class components there’s no contest concerning quality and longevity. An assortment of technologies is covered and all our Commercial batteries are maintenance-free. Stop-start, cranking ability, even SLI and deep cycle power combined in one power source are available within the Leoch Commercial range.

Leoch JIS batteries are commonly used in lighter commercial vehicles such as pick up trucks or long wheel base vans -generally vehicles with small- to medium-sized engines. The range features slimmer Japanese terminals, robust handles and casings and charge level indicators for convenience. Our standard ‘P Series’ starter batteries are for slightly heavier-duty starting requirements such as smaller lorries and plant-hire vehicles, and are from the SFL® (‘Sealed For Life’) range: simply fit and forget with no topping up required. Moving up the range we cover the enhanced ‘P Plus’ series, again taking the SFL® technology but with increased CCA for powering larger commercial vehicles. Using Calcium hybrid technology, robust plates are included for demanding diesel applications and sealed pocket separators provide greater reliability. Our top end, Xtreme Series Batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat technology for durability and vibration resistance, are sealed and unspillable and generate superior performance in extreme temperatures. They can be mounted in any orientation and also offer the major benefit of being used as a dual-purpose battery, that is, a starter battery and a deep-cycle battery, all in one unit – ideal for powering appliances in lorry’s living quarters. Additionally, Leoch Xtreme batteries are ideal for stop-start requirements.