Materials Handling

Materials Handling applications demand robust batteries with high cyclic endurance in addition to fast charge and deep discharge capability. Leoch Battery UK is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of fork lift, traction batteries in the UK. All are sealed and maintenance-free.

AGM is the tried and trusted technology – in addition to traditional AGM batteries and the extra power Xtreme range we supply the new Superior Lead Carbon AGM Gel, accepted to be the best AGM battery on the market which is a powerful statement given it only launched in 2019. Elsewhere there’s GTPs (Gel Tubular Plate), providing 1,500 cycles at 80% DOD, revolutionary Pure Lead Carbons with high density in a small space and ultra-fast recharge, and RELiON lithiums with lightweight advantages and a huge 5,000 cycle life.

If a 2 volt cell option for traction applications is preferred, Leoch provides PzS DIN* and PzB BS** batteries for heavy duty requirements. The range includes a large variety of sizes and terminals for guaranteed compatibility, with deep cycle capabilities for long service life. Available in DIN, DIN C and DIN High Rate Series, plus BS and BS High Rate Series, as a special order option.

*manufactured to German ‘Deutsches Institut für Normung’ standards

**manufactured to ‘British Institute’ standards

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