Leoch provides a comprehensive range of maintenance-free 12 Volt Mobility batteries in a variety of technologies and capacities – it’s hard to find a more critical application than mobility scooters and assisted living products where there’s simply no alternative to supplying reliable power sources. Safety and peace of mind are key and Leoch has the technical know-how and manufacturing integrity to reassure both distributors and end-users regarding their batteries’ longevity and quality.

Leoch AGM batteries (including the Xtreme range) are sealed for both safety and practicality: the respected technology is ideal for the Mobility sector being maintenance-free with no loose electrolyte to cause spillages. Flexibility and durability are also important: the batteries can be installed in any orientation, plus with absorbed electrolyte the batteries are more resistant to vibrations, impacts and sudden temperature fluctuations than their traditional lead acid counterparts. Up to 600 cycles is achievable, recovery from deep discharge is excellent and the batteries are environmentally-friendly with no toxic materials utilised. 7Ah to 85Ah capacities are covered within the AGM range, catering for stairlifts, power chairs and from light- to mid- and heavy-weight mobility scooters, with a 12 months warranty included.

With a lifespan of up to 900 cycles, Leoch Gel Mobility is the range to choose for superior performance. Using Gel technology, the electrolyte is contained in a thick, silica paste, meaning that greater depths of discharge can be achieved and that the batteries are more resistant to accidental abuse (although close attention must be paid to recharging). They are vibration resistant, mountable in any orientation, sealed, safe and spill-free with a 24 month warranty, coming in 34Ah to 80Ah variants.

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