Solar & Renewables

Safe, clean and high-powered battery solutions: all prerequisites for Solar and Renewables projects for both commercial and domestic installations. Being able to harness power from the PV system, whether roof top mounted, building-integrated, grid-connected or off-grid, demands heavy-duty batteries capable of delivering high amounts of usable energy alongside coping with the rigours of daily, demanding use. Our manufacturing partners Leoch and RELiON develop and produce clean energy, eco-friendly power solutions, using various battery technologies, for all solar applications.

Choose from the Xtreme range with proven AGM technology for durability and vibration resistance in extreme temperatures; Pure Lead Carbon for high density power in a limited space and super-quick recharge time to 90% in 1 hour, or Lead Carbon which includes super carbon technology to overcome sulphation associated with Partial State of Charge plus 4,000 cycles @60% DOD. The Leoch OPzV range uses renowned GTP (Gel Tubular Plate) technology for demanding solar applications, combining robust tubular plates with premium electrolyte, achieving impressive performance versus its competitors including 1,500 cycles @80% DOD. Finally, the RELiON lithium range with 5,000 cycles can be grid-connected or stand-alone, operates in any climate or condition and is eco-friendly and maintenance-free.

AVAILABLE NOW: Leoch Lithium batteries. Click here for more info.